Living in the city can be hard for anyone but imagine suffering a disability that makes getting around that much harder. For those who are impaired a city can be a very dangerous place that shows favour to people who are able-bodied. 

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Well, three young men in Toronto have proven that there is still a reason to have faith in the world after all. A blind man fell onto the empty eastbound tracks after becoming disoriented in Broadview station, only to be saved by three local heroes. 

Julie Caniglia posted a photo on Thursday that showed the three men on the eastbound platform after pulling the man off the tracks. She shared that she had heard a faint plea for help but was unsure what to do. 

A man who was beside her on the platform (wearing the animal shirt above) quickly jumped on the tracks to rescue him. He was met on the other side by two other gentlemen who helped lift the blind man and himself to safety, avoiding any more injuries or even worse - death. 

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The story has a happy ending but Caniglia felt that the three local heroes should be recognized for being such outstanding samaritans. She went on to tell CTV Toronto that this is the story people need to hear to lift their spirits. 

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"I’m just so happy about it. People needed a positive story I guess in such troubled times," Caniglia said. 

Such a positive story has already started affecting Torontonians with many people speaking up about these heroes on social media. Others have been so kind to include helpful information so that able-bodied people can help others in the future also. 

Others have appreciated what these men did to save another person but are taking the time to speak about how the TTC could improve to help everyone. Many mentioned the idea of barriers to protect both people who can easily fall onto the track and those looking to jump 

No matter what, it's amazing to see what people can do when they look out for one another. These local heroes deserve an infinite round of applause! 

Source: CTV

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