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3 Toronto Men Were Pulled Over For A Routine Stop And Ended Up Charged With 72 Crimes

A group of men from Toronto are now facing a large number of charges after police pulled them over.

You may have heard of a case this year when a B.C. woman was pulled over at a traffic stop and charged with 77 crimes after police searched her vehicle.

Well something similar happened to a trio of men from Toronto after getting pulled over for a traffic infraction this week.

They went from getting a ticket to being charged with over 70 crimes. 

Via Toronto Police Services

Mohamed Ashaqzai, Mohammad Patel and Hashim Randhawa, all 20-year-old men from Toronto, were pulled over by police for a simple Highway Traffic Act offence in the area of the Don Valley Parkway and Eglinton Ave E. on Monday this week.

Once police officers actually started talking to the three men in the car, it became clear that there was much going on than a simple traffic infraction. 

A search of the car revealed that it was full of drugs and guns. 

Via Toronto Police Services

Police allegedly found a loaded handgun, a loaded rifle and a large amount of cocaine in the car.

All of the suspects were arrested on the spot and charged with numerous crimes, including, Possession of Cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, two counts of possession of a Prohibited Firearm with Ammunition and two counts of possession of a Firearm Knowing its Possession is Unauthorized.  

Via Toronto Police Services

In total, the men were charged with a combined 72 crimes by police. 

Toronto's mayor, John Tory, will undoubtedly be pleased to have these guns off the street in his ongoing battle to try to get a handgun ban in the city, especially since people have been calling on him to resign over the spike in gun crime this year

Source: Toronto Police Services

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