The entire 6ix is pretty much aware the Biebs is coming to Toronto for 2 concerts tomorrow (May 18th) & after tomorrow (May 19th.) Everyone is talking about it. What you may not know is that JB is taking a month break before he continues his World Tour... Does that mean he will spend the weekend in Toronto?

Here's a list of 7 places you might possibly see JB checking out during his stay in Toronto: 

1. Hazelton Hotel // 118 Yorkville Ave.

Bieber has stayed at the Hazelton several times during his visit to Toronto. We won't be surprised if he spends a couple of days there.

2. Lost & Found // 577 King St W

JB has gone to Lost & Found a couple of times. He loves the show and Lost will definitely provide one with the Lamborghini cars bringing out bottles of Dom.

3. Air Canada Centre // 40 Bay St.

After the Toronto concerts, Bieber is taking a nice break before he continues his tour. The Raptors are playing the Cavaliers at the ACC this Saturday May 21st, perhaps Drake will bring him to a game.

Photo cred - @rpizzuti

4. Zaza Espresso Bar // 200 King St.W

He's been spotted outside of the cafe before. Want to have a coffee with JB? Head on over to Zaza

5. Muzik // 15 Saskatchewan Rd.

Bieber has spent a couple of nights at Muzik Night Club before. Perhaps he'll make a special appearance again.

6. Tim Hortons // Multiple locations

He grabbed a coffee from Timmies in MTLmaybe he will want to have another one in Toronto.

7. Fring's // 455 King St W.

Who's a better host then Toronto's very own 6ix God Drake? We've  yet to see Bieber at Frings, but we're convinced he'll grab a bite at Drake's new restaurant.

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