A baby deer got himself into quite the situation Sunday evening after the animal smashed through the window of a local Oshawa bar, giving the usual patrons of the Atria quite the experience. Police officers were called to help remove the little stag a few hours before last-call.  

A security camera managed to capture the incident, in which you can see the confused deer bolting across the street and right into the pub. Obviously, the little guy was simply trying to skate past the bouncer so that he could have a few drinks before the weekend ended.

Seargent Wagenberg explained to CP24 that officers had mulled over a plan to use blankets to safely apprehend the deer, but were aware that he could still pack quite the punch and that he “might start throwing hooves and cut us.” “Our concern when we first got in there was that he was bleeding pretty heavily,” Wagenberg continued.

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Thankfully, police were eventually to able to get the deer to calm down, thanks to a little tranquillizer and patience. Dr. Cox who works for the National Wildlife Centre informed CTV her team had tended to the stag's wounds and plan to release him back into the wild after his "hangover" wears off. 

Of course, the humour of the situation did not go over people's heads, with many taking to Twitter to try out their best punchlines to the bizarre case.

An employee of the bar, who saw the whole thing go down had this to say.“I guess it was thirsty for a beer." Which isn't the most ridiculous idea, I mean he is a Canadian deer after all.

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