If you were around Ontario yesterday and managed to open your door without it flying off it's hinges, you would knowing it's been pretty windy for the past 24 hours. Wind reached insane speeds of 104km/h in some areas yesterday and with those kinds of numbers come some pretty interesting events to say the least.

All of Ontario was basically a war zone with kayaks flying through streets and street signs coming off their hinges. So naturally, we're going to rank the most insane photos and events that happened last night because why not?

11. The Fallen KFC Bucket

I cannot be the only one who feels like this photo looks uncharacteristically dramatic for a fallen food sign.

10. A casual tree snap

This is probably not the first you've seen of a tree snapped in two from yesterday, you probably even saw some in person if you were brave enough to tool around Ontario during the storm.

9. Up-rooted... literally

Ok, there is a tree snapping from the wind and then there's wind that's so strong it literally uproots a tree from the ground. This looks like something from a scene in the Hulk or something.

A sad casualty of today's wind storm

8. "wig !"

Yesterday the saying "wig flew !" took on an entirely knew literal meaning. Though this photo leaves so many questions- did the owner chase after their wig? Did they ever find it? Did they give up on the spot and just accept it as a casualty to the storm?

The wind:

Via Know Your Meme

6.  R.I.P shed

There's something poetic about a home improvement store's shed being one of the first to go in a windstorm.

Yesterday when you opened your door and it flew open to which you thought it may have snapped but didn't? Yea a lady actually had that happened yesterday.

4. Ontario's first sandstorm

Why have one kind of storm when you can have them all? Windstorm? Sure! Sandstorm? You got it! Throw in a little snow too because why not!

Minus Jack, and an actual boat. Mostly just a really big wave and a lot of concerned people as to why this lady decided to park her car in front of Lake Ontario during a wind storm.

Via TorontoPoliceCar

Nope, this is totally normal and casual, nothing to see here folks just a FLYING KAYAK.

1. The city: literally falling apart

No, I was not being dramatic at the beginning, the wind was so bad it was literally ripping the bricks off of this woman's house.

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