If you attended the Raptors game in Toronto last night, you probably experienced an extra dose of entertainment than you expected.  A heated exchange between two fans at the Toronto Raptors game last night quickly turned violent when one of the parties began throwing punches.

Last night's Raptors game against the Los Angeles Lakers at Scotiabank Arena was deemed a success in the eyes of most Toronto fans, as the Raptors brought home another spectacular win.  But despite Canada's basketball team winning the game 111-98, not all fans seemed to have a great time.

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An Instagram video shows two Raptors fans aggressively conversing with each other while watching the game at Scotiabank Arena last night before one of the men involved began frantically punching the other.

Suddenly, surrounding fans seated in the same section as the brawlers jumped into the action, attempting to intervene and stop the fight from progressing further. 

Rather than stopping the men from wrangling each other, some people found themselves prompting further disturbance by contributing to the fight instead.  One man pounced on top of one of the parties, angrily pounding the person below, even kicking him at certain points during the brawl.

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The fight finally quieted down and ended with the fan who initiated the first punch being escorted out of the game by security guards. Another Instagram video shows that the man - who at this point, donned a bloody lip and bruised eye - was met with applause by the crowd of Raptors fans as he descended down the arena's staircase.

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His exit was highlighted by a soundtrack of cheering fans, raising his arms in the air Rocky Balboa-style.  It wasn't until the very end of his clumsy tumble down the stairs that the public realized how inebriated the man truly was; he made a thrashing gesture toward his pelvis, to which surrounding onlookers just stared in shock and amusement.

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One thing's for sure - Raptors games never fail to entertain.

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