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A New Video Of The Toronto Man Who Kicked A Protestor Reveals He Attacked Another Pro-Lifer Earlier This Year

Earlier this summer, he almost pushed a woman in front of a truck.

Earlier this week, a man name Jordan Hunt became known in Toronto after a shocking video of him went viral. In the video, Jordan was caught roundhouse kicking a protestor at an anti-abortion rally in Toronto, knocking her phone out of her hands and injuring her.

Jordan is also now under investigation by police who were called to the rally after the kicking incident occurred. 

But now, the pro-life organization behind the rally has released another video, saying that Jordan Hunt had also attacked one of their staff members at another protest earlier this summer. 

In the video, a man, identified as Jordan by the organization's staff, is seen running at a pro-life protestor and nearly pushing her in front of on-coming traffic. As the video continues, other protestors tell him he can't get physical like that and he says he was just trying to destroy their signs. 

The incident has even lead to the creation of a satirical Twitter account being made. In a tweet from someone pretending to be Jordan says he "will not apologize for defending a woman's right to choose." In the responses, the account also goes on to say that he will never apologize to the woman he kicked, although in more harsh language, and also that he is a hero. 

Despite it being satire, people have responded to the tweet from both sides of the issue, but an emerging theme is that, regardless of what side you're on, it is still illegal to assault or kick people. 

Since the video emerged this past week, Noble Studio 101 -  the hair salon where Jordan worked - released this statement on Instagram: "It has been brought to our attention that Jordan has been caught on camera assaulting an innocent bystander at a pro-life rally. We don’t condone his actions and he has been let go. We believe that everyone has a right to an opinion and the right to voice their opinion without fear of physical violence."

The organization that posted the two videos has also stated that they will be posting more videos of violent acts against them in the coming days. It is not yet clear the nature of this violence or if Jordan Hunt is in any of the other videos. 

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