The gang that made premium dive bars sexy is back at it again, with a newer and bigger Warehouse restaurant location than we've ever seen anywhere in Toronto. 

Officially dubbed Yonge Street Warehouse, the latest addition to the Warehouse family is coming very soon, with construction well underway.

And what better spot for this new watering hole than the former Sunrise Records' location at 336 Yonge Street? Right across the street from Ryerson's Student Learning Centre, this is going to be the perf location for a few after-class dranks and $5 food. 

The huge successes of the gang's other restaurants in Toronto, including their latest party bar addition, The Dime on Queen, we can pretty much assume that the Yonge Street Warehouse will be like nothing else in the Yonge & Dundas area. 

According to management, the hiring of their staff is effectively under way, and the new resto/bar is expected to be opening within the next couple of months (before 2018). They've also confirmed that there will be 4x more staff than their other Toronto restaurants, which tells us that Yonge Street Warehouse is going to be a space of epic proportions. 

Pretty safe to say that we can expect some of our Warehouse favourite eats, like the Crispy Mac n' Cheese (**drooling**) or the Soft Tacos (veggie please πŸ™‹), that we'll happily chase back with a Warehouse Margarita or two. 

More info on Yonge Street Warehouse (including Grand Opening details 😱) coming soon!   

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