If you're one of the 1.69 million passengers who ride the TTC on a daily basis, you're probably well aware of the fact that Toronto's transit system is far from perfect. Sure, few transit systems in the world are held in high regard by their riders, but the unpredictability associated with riding the TTC's 4 subway lines, 11 streetcar lines, and 149 bus routes appear to only precipitate the tremendous frustration and irritation experienced by commuters around the city.

For those of us who are used to feeling red-hot rage while "riding the rocket", let us commiserate together by participating in our favourite city-wide bonding activity: bashing all the things we love to hate about the TTC.

Below are just a few relatively benign examples of the outlandish occurrences that have been witnessed on the TTC and caught on social media over the past few months:

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There is no shortage of inconsiderate people who ride the TTC.  These are the people that you can't help but stare at while shaking your head in silent disapproval.  These are also the people that you side-eye for the duration of your commute, while simultaneously contemplating whether or not it's worth blowing through your savings to purchase a car. Take a look at some of the highlights:

Of course, we would be amiss if we neglected to mention the downright strange folks that travel on the TTC.  Though it makes for good entertainment, sightings like these can be awfully distracting and disturbing for the average commuter.

And who can forget when a woman splashed a man with mop water in front of a TTC janitor, and he retaliated by dumping the bucket of dirty water on top of her? Or when a self-proclaimed "social worker" bullied a homeless man on the subway just a few days ago.

Or when a man suddenly started spraying people on the subway with a fire extinguisher for no apparent reason. Good times.

How about when uninvited (but sometimes cute) animal visitors trespass onto TTC property?

Overcrowding. 'Nough said.

The ongoing series of transit delays that seem like an inescapable nightmare, reinforcing the notion that TTC actually stands for "Take The Car" - no matter how much TTC drivers "appreciate your patience".

Somehow the TTC's implementation of new tech-savvy system updates causes more problems than they resolve.

Via Reddit/lucasteng123456

Unexpected conditions have the power to ruin a TTC commuter's entire day in a matter of seconds.  Unfortunately for transit riders, whining about how the TTC is at fault for your late arrival to an important work meeting (again) is only so cathartic.

Like when a TTC bus got jammed inside the tunnel at Warden Station.

The unpleasant sights, sounds, and smells of the TTC.

Via Reddit/punannimaster

Via Reddit/MyTorontoAccount

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All. The. Protests.  Not that we don't support local TTC employees, union members, or any other group that chooses to publicly advocate.  But when it disrupts our commute, it just adds fuel to the fire.

In case you forgot, the Toronto Transit Commission was named the "Outstanding Public Transportation System" for 2017 by the American Public Transportation Association.

So, remember this the next time you tolerate a slow and painful ride on the TTC: though the vast majority of Toronto transit users will complain about Toronto's abhorrent transit service, someone somewhere is utterly and completely beguiled by the Red Rocket.  And with the 10 cent fare hike planned for April 1st, it seems that the TTC will be once again getting the last laugh.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the views of Narcity Media.


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