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A Toronto Cop Is In Trouble After Sending A Domestic Violence Victim A Photo Collage Of His Abs And It's Just So Awkward


It's no secret that the Toronto police force can be a pretty mixed bag, and your experience with the police fully depends on which kind of cop answers your call. Though one woman definitely got a more personalized response than usual if you want to call it that. 

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It all happened after police arrived at a domestic incident call that had been placed involving a woman and her ex-boyfriend. You would think it would be a pretty clean-cut situation, cops come in, arrest someone (or don't), and then leave and everyone moves on. That would be the situation had the cop not somehow gotten the female victim's phone number. 

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While it's unclear exactly how the cop in question, named Const. Jeffrey MacArthur, got the woman's phone number in the first place, as during tribunal it was only mentioned that he had simply "obtained it," he definitely took the opportunity and ran with it. 

At first, the texts were pretty standard and MacArthur just simply let the woman know that any further instances could land her ex with a criminal harassment charge. He went on to continue the conversation before texting "apparently I'm chatty lol have a great night." 

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While you would think the conversation would simply end there, MacArthur revived it at nearly 4 in the morning with a photo collage of what appears to be a makeshift Karate reel, including a shot of his abs.

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Now while it's definitely safe to say we will never know for sure if the collection of photos were actually for someone else or if the cop was testing the waters, nevertheless the woman went online to seek help. Attaching the photos with the caption "do you think this is unprofessional? Should I be reporting this? I thought the first message was really nice but now I'm questioning his intentions." 

As a result, the texts were eventually reported and a Toronto police tribunal was held on Thursday. There the texts were deemed "inappropriate" and "clear misconduct" after MacArthur pleaded guilty to sending them. The police deemed that the texts were "too casual coming from an officer to a victim of domestic dispute" and that such texts "violated the trust the complainant could have had with police." 

Reddit users seemed to agree the texts were definitely inappropriate, some even mentioning the cop reaching out in the first place wasn't professional: 

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Regardless of the unanimous belief that the whole situation is pretty inappropriate since the photos sent were quickly followed with an apology claiming they weren't meant for the woman, the cop's actions ultimately resulted in one discreditable conduct charge that was deemed a "one-off mistake on his part" by MacArthur's lawyer. 

Source: Toronto Star 


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