Photo cred - Jason Cook

Have you ever been on the TTC and spotted a beautiful looking stranger and wished you had the courage to ask them for their number? Have you ever been on the corner of Sherbourne and Dundas witnessing one of its many strange occurrences and thought 'Man I wish someone else was around to witness this craziness’? Well now it is all possible - thank you internet for pulling through once again!

The new app, Beekon, created in Toronto, let's you connect with people in your surroundings without having their direct digits or the courage to ask them for their contact information. Beekon, for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone lands in the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone stores, respectively, on October 1st.

Essentially, the app lets you share short messages with anyone within your current location, for example, neighbours or acquaintances whose phone numbers you may not have. Using geo-fencing, messages are restricted to the perimeter in which they are sent but one of the cool things is that you can unlock any messages that may be a bit too far from you by moving closer to their location.

Other cool App features include the ability to find out about events happening around you, share and find out about local news in real time and the capability to send direct messages.

So next time you overhear a conversation that you just need to be a part of, next time you spot a stranger rocking a killer new jacket and you need to know where she got it, or maybe the next time you see a sad stranger and you just want to brighten their day- Beekon it baby!

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