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A Toronto Man Terrorized Commuters By Swinging An Axe On The Subway This Morning

The axed attacker was at Spadina subway station this morning.

Some Toronto commuters had a rude awakening this morning when they were terrorized by an axe-swinging man on the subway.

According to reports, a man was seen carrying and then swinging an axe on a train as it was travelling along the Bloor line. He was later seen at Spadina Station as well.


Toronto Police were called to the scene, but in their report, they referred to the weapon as a knife. One witness, however, clarified that the weapon was actually a large axe. 

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None the less, police are now on the scene investigating the incident and reportedly have one suspect in custody. Details about the suspect or his motivations are not yet known to the public. 


The axe reports were also confirmed by TTC communications lead Brad Ross, who also warned commuters that because of the incident and ongoing investigation, trains on Line 1 and 2 would not be stopping at Spadina. 

The TTC also announced on Twitter that the 501 streetcar would not be stopping at Spadina either due to police activity. Service at the station has recently resumed, but delays could still be expected to catch up with the backlog of commuters there. 

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For regular Spadina commuters, it may be concerning to know that this is not the first time something like this has happened. In fact, Spadina seems to be a hot spot for axe-terrorizing in the city. 

Just back in October, Toronto Police reported that they were responding to calls about a man swinging an axe in the Spadina/Bremner area though they never found a suspect. Then going further back in 2017, police apprehended a man with an axe at a College and Spadina restaurant. 

Prior to that, way back in 2016 police reported two other axe incidents in the area. In May a man was taken down by police for wielding an axe around Queen and Spadina. Then in October of that year, a man was reported to be threatening people with an axe in the Spadina/Nassau area. 


It is unknown whether any of those previous incidents lead to any charges being laid or if any of the Spadina axe events, including today's are related. 

So far no injuries have been reported related to this event. More updates on this continuing story to come. 

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