Toronto Police have been on high alert all day downtown after receiving what they called on Twitter an ‘unconfirmed piece of information.’

Police didn’t say what it was that had them on high alert but began an increased presence downtown which will continue all day today.

Well now we have a much better idea since to an internal police memo that was leaked. 

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According to a police memo obtained by the Toronto Sun police are on high alert for a ‘vehicle ramming attack’ today.

They’ve gone downtown because the memo also states that the threat was made for the area around the CN Tower.

The memo states that yesterday police received “credible information regarding a potential vehicle ramming attack in the area of the CN Tower on Thursday, July 12th.” 

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The memo states the police’s mission objectives as first to “implement road closures in the area” then to “vigilantly patrol the area and follow-up on any suspicious behaviour” and finally to “promote public safety.”

No roads have been closed at this time and all of Toronto’s downtown tourist attractions remain open at this time

There is also a Foo Fighters concert tonight at Rogers Centre that has not been cancelled. 

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“The police presence in this area is simply to ensure that the public can enjoy and come down to this area unimpeded and without any worry,” said acting Supt. Michael Barsky when speaking to the media earlier today.

The Mayor, Premier and Prime Minister have all been made aware of the situation. 

Source: Toronto Sun

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