Back in 2016 a woman (who cannot be named due to a publication ban) came forward to accuse that Const. Vincenzo Bonazza of the Toronto Police of raping her in her apartment back in September 2008.

The story began after the woman approached a squad car in her area thinking that she'd spotted an ex-boyfriend (who she had pressed charges against and had been released from custody) driving around her neighbourhood. She was trying to see if the officers in the car could run the plates to confirm who the drivers was. Unfortunately they told her that they were not able to do that. 

One of the officers in the squad car happened to be Const. Vincenzo Bonazza and despite not being able to help her at the time, he followed up the incident with a phone call to the unnamed woman just a few days later - even though she hadn't given him her number. 

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In the call he revealed that her read her file (even though he wasn't on her case personally). 

Not too long after the phone call, Bonazza came over unexpectedly to the woman's home in plain clothes. At some point in the interaction they began to watch a movie she was in - being that she was a local actress after all. She said that she didn't feel that the encounter was romantic at all. 

During the trial the woman testified that the night of the incident, Bonazza told her that she was “the kind of girl where if I kiss you right now, you’d be totally cool with it". 

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She then said he began kissing her and unbuttoned her pants — which made her feel “sick to my stomach.”

She told him that this wasn't something she did with anyone who wasn't her boyfriend but Bonazza allegedly didn’t stop. She continued saying that despite her body language and her clearly stating that his touches were unwanted, he didn't stop. She began to fear for her safety and eventually submitted to intercourse and oral sex against her will-  she said, out of fear.

“This is a police officer, who is going to believe me?” the woman testified. She thought at the time, “He is trained to fight people if he needs to.”

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Now the woman who is no longer an actress but instead a cop and working on a sexual assault cases — said that “Now I can write that a Toronto cop raped me, no problem, but I couldn't write that then.” This is in regards to the long time period that passed between the incident and the time it was reported.  

Bonazza had pleaded not guilty to the charges and told court in his own defense he had consensual sex with the woman.

He was found not guilty after a judge said there were inconsistencies in the woman's testimony.

“I cannot be sure consent was provided in this case which leaves me in a state of doubt,” the judge said. “I found her to be a witness who very intensely wanted to get things right.”

The judge also said however, that she also didn’t believe the officer’s testimony on the stand.

“I found him to be evasive at times,” the judge, Justice Anne London-Weinstein said.

Adding,“The fact that both of these individuals were police officers did not factor into my analysis of credibility”.

Sources: City News, Toronto Star, National Post 

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