Update, August 12th: The cafe opened this past July. Here are a few images of the actual place:

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Just in time for the upcoming legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada, a new weed cafe is set to open its doors in Toronto's Kensington Market. The cafe, cleverly named "Jodie's Joint," will be at 235 Augusta Avenue where Casa Coffee used to be.

The owner, Jodie Emery, says her coffee shop will feel a lot like Amsterdam. "As an activist for cannabis legalization, I've always wanted to have the 'Amsterdam model' where adults can enjoy coffee, cannabis and food in a cafe," she says.

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As soon as marijuana's legalized in Canada, you'll be able to sip coffee and smoke a joint at the same time at the cafe, while indulging in a weed-infused baked treat.

The interior of the shop will feel like a hemp jungle, full of marijuana decor, plants, and furniture made with hemp-based materials.

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Jodie says that she hopes to open "Jodie's Joint" sometime this summer. If Canada legalizes marijuana this summer like they said they would, Torontonians  will be able to enjoy the new Amsterdam-inspired weed cafe while the weather's still nice.

In an Instagram post, Jodie says that "Jodie's Joint" will be more than just a marijuana cafe. It will "serve coffee, hemp goods and cannabis-related items, but will also serve as a community and culture hub." She hopes that her cafe will "bring together creative individuals to collaborate and share ideas and dreams."

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In her post, Jodie makes note that while recreational marijuana remains illegal in Canada, her cafe will not sell any cannabis products until legally allowed to do so. "The good news is that coffee is still legal, as are hemp materials and food items," she says, "so I can combine those two elements for now and continue my activism to introduce the third!"

Source: The Star

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