Another day, another turkey. It's no secret that turkey spottings around the city have been a lot less rare than usual, for a reason that is still very unknown to Torotonians. From turkeys trying to spar residents to geese attempting to attack the American forces, for some reason birds of all kinds have been in the news for the most peculiar situations all Winter long. 

This time though one turkey in specific has brought a massive amount of attention to itself after being caught on Dundas Street. Yes, a massive turkey was spotted on a major road downtown just... walking around? 

The turkey was spotted just two days ago during the snowstorm and was clearly slowing down traffic (partly because he was in the way of cars, and partly because people were stopping because a literal turkey was on the road).

Though the turkey didn't seem concerned with attacking any passerbys, but rather just seemed very determined to get out of the way of traffic. 

It's unclear exactly where the turkey came from and what happened to it considering the video only shows the bird attempting to make a quick escape from the snowy streets. Though if you live around the area, you may want to consider keeping your eyes peeled for a familiar wild turkey. 

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