Going for a swim in the lake is supposed to be a fun way to spend the day.

But as many of us are aware, in rough water swimming can not only be an unpleasant experience, it can also turn deadly in a hurry. 

One such incident recently occurred at Woodbine Beach in Toronto, and a local photographer was there to catch a dramatic rescue effort. 

According to a post on Facebook photographer Bruce Reeve was down at the beach photographing some people who were surfing when he heard a describes as a “commotion” behind him.

When he turned around he saw that there was “a woman was struggling for her life in the water, screaming for help.” 

There were no lifeguards close by but luckily for the woman a number of other people besides Reeve also heard the woman’s calls for help and ran to her aid.

People jumped into the water and rescued the woman who Reeve says “would have been a goner,” if they hadn’t. 

It’s unclear how many people responded to the distressed yells but from the photographs, it appears to have been at least 4 or 5.

Reeve captured all of the drama in some truly stunning photos, which have since been shared on Facebook over 100 times. 

People on Facebook are praising the actions of those who came to the aid of the woman.

“Tremendous to have good Samaritans come to the rescue and save her life, true heroes,” wrote one person. “Wow!

"Thank you to the lifesavers ...thank you, great people, in this world...restores my faith xo,” said another.

Reeve says that Woodbine beach has “a powerful rip current that forms at the west end of the beach,” so if you’re swimming there you need to be careful!

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