If you've ever been to a sporting event or a concert at the Air Canada Centre in the past, you can attest that the security has always been, well, a little slack.

Sure, you have to line up for what feels like hours to walk through the metal detector, and if you have a bag a security attendant will quickly look inside. But it's never been overly intense considering what's happened around the world at stadiums and other large venues recently. 

But now, the ACC is going to be cracking down with new security measures that have been set in place to ensure the safety of all ACC patrons, which includes the elimination of in-and-out privileges and fans bringing large personal bags and backpacks. 

The re-entry policy is in addition to guests only being able to bring in a bag that's 14 x 14 x 6 inches, which is smaller than an average backpack. Larger bags will no longer be permitted into the area.

The announcement of the new security measures was introduced on September 1st for the Depeche Mode concert, but the policy really became a an issue for fans at the ACC last night when Toronto Maple Leafs played their first pre-season home game.

Prior to the Tuesday evening Leafs game, the ACC reminded fans of the new security measures and that they will no longer be re-admitted after exiting the ACC's gates, a measure that will impact those who chose to smoke during intermission. 

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Fans, of course, we're outraged and took to social media to share voice their concerns. 

For those who come to a game after work with their work bags or the parents who come with diaper bags, we understand the frustration you feel. But to help those who do bring bags over the allowed size, the ACC has set up a temporary bag check in the Fan Zone for bags brought over by security.

As for those who need to go outside to smoke during an event, there's currently no designated smoking area in place. So you might have to pull a Dart Guy and light up in the stands.

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Source: Metro News

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