The TTC is trying it's best to innovate when it comes to transit. Right now, the TTC and BAI Canada have equipped all stations with 'cellular connectivity infrastructure' so that you can text and partake in calls while waiting for your trains. 

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The project was first decided upon back in 2012. After 5 years of work, cell-service is officially accessible in all 75 subway stations, including the new expansion on Line 1. 

TTC users will be able to enjoy 4G/LTE coverage in all areas of the station, from subway platforms to stairwells. TTC Chair Josh Colle noted that TTC customers had been asking for this change for quite some time, and their ability to stay connected to friends and family as well as their data plans, will certainly make their commutes more enjoyable. 

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So far, Freedom Mobile has signed on to the project, meaning that anyone with a Freedom Mobile phone plan will be able to happily text while waiting for their trains, using the BAI cell-service. 

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Rogers, Telus and Bell have yet to sign on to the project, no doubt frustrating millions of Torontonians as they wait for their providers to connect down below. Rogers made a comment saying, "We’re focused on delivering a reliable, worry-free network for our customers and are considering all options as we continue to invest in our network in 2018," whereas Telus and Bell had no comment. We're sure all the cell providers will eventually hop on board, but for now - get to texting, Freedom users! 

Source: The Star 

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