It looks like Americans have a bit of Trudeau fever. According to a new poll by Ipsos for Global News, 40% to 33% of them voted in favour of the Canadian PM over his orange-tinged constituent, while 27% remained unsure.

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Darrell Bricker, the head of Ipsos' Public Affairs, says the preference for Trudeau could stem from a large group of Americans who supported Hillary Clinton and are still dissatisfied with the election results.

The poll also found that 44% of Americans were actually familiar with Trudeau, versus 17% who were familiar with former Canadian PM, Stephen Harper. Perhaps Trudeau's mainstream appeal has something to do with his high approval ratings among Americans.

In stark contrast, another poll from Mainstreet Research showed that Canadians, despite their disdain for Trump, still preferred him to Trudeau when it comes to managing the economy. 53%of Canadians approve of Trump's economic policy, versus 43% who approve of Trudeau's. They also gave Trump a 51-to-39 per cent approval rating for the way he's been handling national security so far.


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