While Canadians are known for being kind and considerate people, this past year there have been many altercations that make it seem otherwise. Earlier this year a man was accused of being an "illegal alien" while at a London, Ontario grocery store, while another man was involved in a racial argument in a Walmart parking lot in Hamilton. 

Now, a new video circulating the internet shows a man verbally attacking a woman who is asking for money on a street corner in Aurora, Ontario. The video was posted on to the Toronto Reddit page from its original source on Liveleak

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The man in the video begins by saying he is in Aurora Township, just north of the city of Toronto, at the popular intersection of Wellington Street East and Leslie Street. He then turns the camera to face a woman, which he calls the "most disgusting thing he's ever seen before," who is begging for money, identifying that she's the mother of two children on the sign she's holding.  

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The man asks the woman, who is standing on a barrier separating traffic if she needs help before saying "well you obviously need money" at the 1:00 mark. When he asks if she lives in town, she confirms she's from New Market, a larger city on the northern side of Aurora.

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He further questions her, asking "You live in New Market, but you don't have enough money to pay for your two kids? Are you able to get a job?" While it's hard to hear the woman's response, it sounds like she says she does not have a full-time job. 

Via Wellington Street East and Leslie Street l Google Maps

That's when the man takes it upon himself to tell the woman that across the street there are "plenty of stores" where she can "get an application to get a job." Wellington Street and Leslie Street is an intersection across from a large plaza with many retail outlets, including a Smart Centre plaza further up Wellington. 

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When the mother says that there are not full-time positions available, the man quickly gets irate and says "it doesn't matter, your standing here on a corner begging people for money. If you put the same effort you did begging for that into going over to one of these stores and getting a job, like look at what you've got in there, and your begging for money for your two kids." 

The woman asks the man filming to go and that's when to two of them really get into it. The man proceeds to tell the woman he doesn't give a f*ck, that she shouldn't have come to this country to beg for money, before calling her pathetic and to be ashamed of herself. 

The woman can be seen making a gesture like a phone before the man calls her "a piece of sh*t" multiple times and tells her to "get the f*ck out of our f*cking country and go back home."

Via LiveLeak

It's unclear if the event is being investigated by police. At the time of publishing, York Regional Police haven't issued any media releases regarding this incident. 

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According to LiveLeak.comthe video had already been viewed 54,066 times before being posted to Reddit. The man who filmed the video had said that he expected the footage to go viral. 

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