Photo cred - Cullen McCormick

The beer situation in Ontario has always been bleak. And while some may have figured it was just how life was, it's becoming more and more clear that the two biggest beer proprietors in the province are throwing us under the bus. The Toronto Star just released an expose, that explains why and how the Beer Store and the LCBO work together to make our beer more expensive, and harder to get.

The two companies just signed an agreement to ensure that the LCBO never increase its beer selection (now you know why they always have like six brands on the shelf). The agreement also states that the LCBO will never sell beer in anything more than 6 packs, which tend to be less affordable than 12 packs. So if you don't live near a Beer Store and want to go out, tough shit. There's a lot more creepy dealings in the agreement, and you can check out more details in the Toronto Star article. It's not cute.

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