Photo cred - Jessica Lam

Give me mercy. Big Sean is coming to T.O! This is not a drill, I repeat THIS IS NOT A DRILL. It was recently announced he was going to be performing in Ottawa April 8th on the JCole tour, and people flipped their shiz. But all of us Torontonians were left dreading the five hour trip we would have to take to even get close to his sweet, sweet sound.

But fear no more friends! We actually have it better than Ottawa ( as per usual) because we get a meet and greet! At the HMV underground on April 6th you can actually MEET Big Sean! Fo’ serious guys. There is no announcement of an actual show yet but we speculate something might be in the works.

We have an exclusive photograph showing the date and time of his arrival. It hasn't really been announced on the interwebs yet so get excited y’all! Click the link to learn more!

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