Photo cred - Kevin Konnyu

We've had it pretty easy so far this winter. While our neighbouring cities to the east and west have all been having some pretty unpredictable rises and dips in temperature, we've kept it steady for the last few weeks. Of course we took it for granted and complained all the time, but we wouldn't be Canadians if we didn't, right?

Well, it looks like that's all about to change. According to the Globe and Mail, we're about to be hit with our first major snowstorm tonight. They're predicting 10cm, so if you're the type person who likes to get turnt up on weeknights, this may be one you want to sit out.

Environment Canada has also issued an adverse weather alert for the city. As of right now, they aren't being specific, but they're advising Tornotonians to take necessary precautions. All in all, it looks like there's a storm a-bruin'. Here's hoping you've got some Netflix shows lined up.

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