Photo cred - Tyler Hayward

Coffee makes the world go round, Canada included. Nay, especially Canada, as our fair nation seems to have a coffee addiction that trumps all but a few other countries. No doubt Toronto contributes its fair share to Canada's coffee consumption, which is apparently 9th in the top ten countries that drink the most coffee in the world.

Canada gained its top ten spot thanks to I ♥ Coffee, who created the infographic outlining the world's leading coffee drinkers, measured in the yearly coffee consumption per citizen. According to the infographic, the average Canadian consumes 6.1kg every year, when applied to Toronto, where everyone has a favourite coffee shop, the number is likely a bit higher.

Topping the list of the world's most coffee drinking peoples are the Finnish, who consume 12kg of coffee per year, and aren't bound by the restraints of space and time as a result. Check out the full coffee breakdown in the infographic below.

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