Canada has been ranked one of the most free countries in the world for 2016, according to a study by the Fraser Institute.

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The study was based on the Human Freedom Index, which measures all aspects of human freedom, from personal to economic. The index consists of 79 parameters, including rule of law, freedom of international trade, relationships of government and national security and safety.

Canada landed in the top 10, at the 6th place spot in a tie with the UK and Australia. It beat the United States, which ranked 23rd, but analysts warn that Canada could lower in ranking due to recent actions by Ontario and Alberta governments that would limit people's economic freedom (ex. tax hikes, increases in electricity prices, etc.)

The official ranking is as follows:

Most Free Countries

1. Hong Kong

2. Switzerland

3. New Zealand

4. Ireland

5. Denmark

6. Canada, United Kingdom, Australia (tie)

23. United States

Least Free Countries

156. Syria

157. Iran

158. Yemen


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