Canada is top ranked yet again, and this time it's for being one of the best nations for quality of life.

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On the United Nations Indexwhich evaluates 188 countries for quality of life, Canada is ranked ninth; tying with New Zealand and sitting just one spot below the United States.

Deeper analysis of Canada's provinces and territories also revealed that each of them have notably different international rankings for quality of life. Alberta, for example ranks 4th globally, and was seen to have a quality of life similar to that of Denmark and Switzerland. Nunavut, on the other hand, would rank significantly lower at the 46th spot.

Here are the international rankings for Canada's provinces and territories:

  • Alberta - 4th
  • Ontario - 8th
  • British Columbia - 11th
  • Saskatchewan - 12th
  • Quebec - 12th
  • Northwest Territories - 15th
  • Newfoundland - 16th
  • Nova Scotia - 22nd
  • Yukon - 22nd
  • Prince Edward Island - 23rd
  • Manitoba - 23rd
  • New Brunswick - 25th
  • Nunavut - 46th

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