Canada's Largest Hot Air Balloon Festival Is Happening Near Ottawa This Summer

Soar above the clouds.

Take to the skies this summer at the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival, the largest celebration of its kind in Canada.

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The event showcases a diverse collection of balloons that come in different shapes colours and sizes from all over the world. You'll see balloons themed as animals, cars and famous people, as well as representative balloons from countries such as Australia, Germany and the U.S. Many tourists make the Ottawa-Gatineau area every year to participate in the fun festivities.

The balloon lift-offs usually begin in the evenings, but the schedules may change depending on the weather. You can also go on a balloon ride if you wish — interested participants can book ahead of time by filling out a form online.

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Aside from the balloon lift-offs, the event will feature over 300 shows, an amusement park, a fireworks display, a classic car exhibit, buskers, a craft market, big top entertainment and much more.

This year, the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival will begin on August 30 and run until September 3. For more information, visit the festival website here.

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