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Canada's Wonderland Could Be Getting A New Annual Festival That Lets It Stay Open In The Winter

It is one of six parks being considered for the holiday event.

For years, Canada's Wonderland has been closing its doors for the winter in order to prepare for its following spring season. But that could soon change, with the introduction of a new yearly event that keeps the park open for the holidays.

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, a leading presence in North America's amusement park industry and the current owner of Canada's Wonderland, has revealed its remaining plans for the 2018 operating season in a recent news release.  The company has several exciting things in store for its parks, including the introduction of new roller coasters at four of its American locations and a revamp of its parks' dining services.

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Rounding out the company's approximate $150 million investment is the introduction of new "Lumberjack" and "Flying Canoes" thrill rides to Canada's Wonderland, plus an upgraded SplashWorks. It could also be one of the Cedar Fair parks chosen to be the site of an immersive holiday experience called WinterFest, which would allow it to stay open in November and December for a short part of the winter.

WinterFest began at California's Great America in 2016 and debuted at three other Cedar Fair parks this year, including Carowinds, Worlds of Fun and Kings Island. The company says it plans to add WinterFest to two more of its parks to make a total of six parks that will remain open during the holidays.

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According to The Blade, Kings Dominion is one of the two, but the other will not be announced until early next season. Currently, Canada's Wonderland closes before the holidays and uses the shut-down time to do any necessary building of new rides, park renovations and to disassemble rides for storage during the winter. But it could definitely be one of the parks chosen to host WinterFest, as it is the perfect park to represent what the festival stands for.

WinterFest will transform the parks into a winter wonderland complete with "uniquely themed areas multitudes of Christmas trees, millions of lights, ice-skating, entertainment, food, crafts and hands-on activities." An official tree-lighting ceremony kicks off each holiday season, and the participating park would also host a state-of-the-art light show.

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