Canadians have been waiting in anticipation to ride the new Yukon Striker rollercoaster ever since it was announced two years ago. Now, the wait is finally coming to an end. Canada's Wonderland has revealed the official opening date of their new Yukon Striker ride, which will be the tallest dive rollercoaster in the whole world. Get ready to have your hearts pumping this spring, Ontarians. 

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Mark your calendars, everyone! Canada's Wonderland revealed to Narcity today that their epic new Yukon Striker rollercoaster would officially be opening to the general public this spring on May 3, 2019 when the amusement park opens for the season. 

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However, if you have a season pass, you can ride the new rollercoaster even sooner. "We always have a Season Passholder Sneak Preview night, which this year is April 26 – so passholders get an opportunity then to come to the park first," writes Grace Peacock, Director of Communications at Canada's Wonderland, in her statement to Narcity.

The new Yukon Striker at Canada's Wonderland will break world records. Not only will it be the tallest dive rollercoaster in the world, but also the world's fastest dive coaster with speeds of 130 km/h and the longest dive coaster in the world with a length of 3,625 feet, according to Canada's Wonderland's website

Check out some photos of the new Yukon Striker below! How epic does it look though? We cannot wait to ride this rollercoaster and experience the thrills for ourselves. 

So what can you expect for this epic new rollercoaster at Canada's Wonderland? The whole ride lasts a total of 3 minutes and 25 seconds, so get ready for several minutes of adrenaline. This ride may not be for those who have a fear of heights, because the Yukon Striker has an intense height drop of 245 feet.

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It even reaches speeds as fast as 130 km/h during the ride. There are a total of four inversions in the rollercoaster. The rollercoaster will even drop into an underwater tunnel. In other words, this ride will make your stomach drop like no other.

Check out a video of the Yukon Striker below that was posted on Youtube

Season pass holders will get the first chance to ride the Yukon Striker on April 26. Otherwise, the ride opens to the general public on May 3, 2019, when Canada's Wonderland is reopened for the summer season. 

Day passes for Canada's Wonderland cost $39.99 if you buy online on their website. This helps you save $26 off buying at the gate. 2019 season passes are also on sale right now on their website, starting at $74.99. 

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To find out more about the Yukon Striker or to buy tickets for admission, you can visit Canada's Wonderland's website

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