College and university students have long lived up to their self-proclaimed expectations of doing some pretty random and crazy things for entertainment's sake. Though with the rise of social media, it seems students are willing to do anything for attention these days now more than ever. 

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The latest trend to come as a result is "brewfing" and unfortunately for all of us, the latest trend introduced into Canadian party culture is just as stupid as it sounds. 

If you aren't sure what brewfing is, it's the term for those videos that show up on your Explore page on Instagram of college boys throwing themselves off of the roof of their frat house, onto a Walmart folding table. It sounds really crazy, but yes, this is a real thing that Canadian students are doing.

Though, as you can see below, it doesn't have to always have to be a roof:

@canadianpartylifeembedded via  

Clearly, it's dangerous and pretty dumb but unfortunately, videos like the one above have only become more and more common over the past two years after Canadianpartylife, an Instagram account dedicated to cementing students' bad decisions onto the Internet forever has risen to fame with a whopping 112,000+ followers. 

The Instagram account documents student antics from all over the country, and while some can be incredibly hilarious videos of friends making small mistakes such as this: 

@canadianpartylifeembedded via  

They can also include some pretty regrettable decisions that the account is only enticing students to make more often: 

@canadianpartylifeembedded via  

The trend has gotten so popular that over 50 students celebrating Western's 'FOCO', the school's fake homecoming, last weekend had to go to the hospital with injuries related around flinging themselves off of rooftops in efforts to break tables set up on the ground below. 

While the trend shows no signs of slowing down, it definitely shows that student party culture has reached new heights in an age where everything is documented on social media. Where students are so desperate to get featured on an Instagram page they'll literally jump off a building to do it. 

Source: CBC News 


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