Canadians Have Gone Wild After Getting Into A Savage Brawl At This Ontario Grocery Store (VIDEO) - Narcity

Canadians Have Gone Wild After Getting Into A Savage Brawl At This Ontario Grocery Store (VIDEO)

Apparently cheap corn is enough to get Ontarians into a fist fight.

Everyone knows that some people out there love a good deal and honestly, who can blame them? It's always nice to get something you need, or maybe something you want, at a discount.

Apparently, some Canadians love a deal too and got a little forceful about it this weekend while shopping in Markham, Ontario just north of Toronto. A local No Frills had a sale on corn over the long weekend that had shoppers in a straight up wrestling match over cobs. 

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Via Reddit

The video was first posted to Reddit last night after shoppers swarmed the corn station at a grocery store. The shoppers in the video can be seen standing in the crates and grabbing husks from the ground. 

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In the process of the corn brawl, the shoppers managed to knock a man over into a cart. He landed on some cardboard that was tossed from the display in the process. 

Via Reddit

Canadians online were ruthless in calling out the Ontario shoppers for their savage ways in the produce section. 

Some Redditors were quick to make jokes at how wild they were, while others were concerned over what the world is coming to considering Canadians are supposed to have a reputation of being nice. 

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Some Redditors with experience in the grocery store business said that this type of behaviour from shoppers is actually not that surprising. 

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Via Reddit

While getting a good deal is always nice, we're still not sure if it's worth getting hurt or hurting others over some cheap corn. Considering it's the season for corn in Ontario maybe it would be better to check the flyers than climb into an actual grocery store display. 

You can watch the full video of the epic corn brawl here

Via Reddit

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