Champagne lovers rejoice: A study from the University of Reading in the UK concluded that drinking 1-3 glasses of champagne every week can actually boost brain health.

Now that's not to say popping bottles at the club every weekend and downing the whole thing is beneficial for your health, but a glass here and there could help with memory loss.

The study was conducted on rodents  and it found that the phenolic compounds in champagne improves "spatial memory", which is the memory that helps you record information and the stores the information for future needs. These brain-boosting phenolic compounds are found in the two red grape types used to make the alocholic beverage. Ride wine has also been linked to brain health benefits.

Obviously while champagne and other types of alcohol may have brain boosting benefits, doctors and researchers are hesitant to use them as an Alzheimer’s preventative.

Additionally, it is important to note that the study was not done on humans and so the effects of champagne consumption on human brain health is still largely unknown.

The lesson here is definitely to take this study with a grain of salt and drink in moderation, regardless if its for brain health or just because its the weekend.

Source: digital trends 

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