Donald Trump and Canada have had some beef lately but it doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon. While we sit in a looming trade war, Trump recently got rid of a policy that protected many great bodies of water, including the Canadian great lakes. 

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The U.S. President revoked an executive order made under Barack Obama after the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the largest offshore oil spill in history. Obama had said that the incident pointed to the importance of marine environments and the need to create a sustainable use of water. 

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Instead, President Trump will be replacing the policy with one that encourages more use of the water to stimulate economic growth. That means that the order wants to encourage more drilling for oil and industrial use of the world's oceans and Canada's great lakes. 

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Canada's home to five great lakes (Superior, Huron, Erie, Ontario, and St. Clair) that connect down with Lake Michigan in the United States. While it may not seem like a big deal that these lakes get used for industrial purposes, they actually make up 20 per cent of the worlds fresh surface water. 

Because these lakes are not salt water they provide drinking water to 10 million Canadians. Damaging the quality of water could result in a lot of water shortages for almost a third of Canadians. 

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Trump justified the decision, stating that repealing the policy allows many industries to flourish and employee numerous Americans. His new executive order will hand over a lot more responsibility to individual states to govern the use of their shorelines.

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The great lakes are a very important part of the Canadian lifestyle, as well as the tourist economy at local beaches and the international wonder, Niagara Falls. Let's hope business decisions do not come before water quality, especially for those Canadians who need the water to live. 

Source: Global Toronto 

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