The Ford government looks to fulfill its campaign promise to bring back the"buck-a-beer" program to Ontario.

The premier is set to announce the new minimum price of a bottle or can of beer at $1 today at the Barley Days Brewery in Picton, Ont. The program is set to rollout by Labour Day Weekend, ending the increased minimum price floor for beer that was enacted by the Liberal government in 2008.

"Our plan puts people first. For too long beer consumers have been forced to pay inflated prices for beer in order to increase the profits of big corporations," says Ford." We’re going to allow price competition for beer and this will save consumers money."

A source for the Toronto Sun says that the program will not affect the provincial treasury as beer is a volumetric tax. Brewers are not required to lower their prices, however the PC party hopes they will embrace the program and are planning to offer incentives to those who do.

The Liberals defended their price hike on beer in the past by stating it would force fewer people to drink. However, according to  Scott Simmons, the president of Ontario Craft Brewers, the buck-a-beer program proved to be successful when it was still in place. He said that several brewers took advantage of the program and "really took it to town."

Ford also looks to extend the sale of beer and wine to corner and box stores.

Source: Toronto Sun

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