Doug Ford was only sworn into office last week but he’s already begun cleaning house and leaving his mark as Ontario’s leader.

Ford has fired 3 top officials from the previous Liberal government this week.

One of them was the Chief Scientist of Ontario.

Molly Shoichet, an award-winning professor at the University of Toronto, was the first ever chief scientist ever in Ontario, having been appointed to the new role by Kathleen Wynne’s government last November to give a voice for science in government.

Shoichet was told she had been let go after the Canada Day long weekend, Ford has not named a successor but the government says it will keep the chief scientist role and find someone to fill the position. 

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Ontario’s official opposition party, the NDP, aren’t convinced though saying Ford should explain his reason for the firing.

They want an explication for why the government announced last week that the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science will no longer exist.

Ford wasn’t done firing people there though, he fired Ontario’s Chief Investment Officer, Allan O’Dette, too. 

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He also had the premier’s business adviser, Ed Clark, let go as well. Clark was formerly the Chief Executive of TD Bank before working for the government.

These are the latest in several recent changes that Ford has made since being elected, he previously put a hiring freeze on many sectors of the government and announced he’ll be getting rid of Ontario’s cap-and-trade policy. 


Source: Globe and Mail

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