While campaigning to become Ontario’s premier Doug Ford had his own ‘news agency’ doing some ‘reporting’ on him.

And now he’s continuing that with the launch of what’s called ‘Ontario News Now,’ a taxpayer funded ‘news service’ actually run by Ford and his PC party.

And Ontarians are super pissed off that this is something they’re paying for. 

@fordnationdougfordembedded via  

If you haven’t heard about this you can see and example in the tweet below.  

The ‘reporter’ in the clip is actually Doug Ford’s senior communications advisor Lyndsey Vanstone.

As you can see it has the look and feel of an actual newscast but many Ontarians are seeing it as propaganda, something they don’t like that they’re paying for. 

Of course there are some Ford supporters that don't see much of a problem with it.

But most people are just pissed off about it.

So it seems that Ontario News Now is off to a rather bad start for Doug Ford and his party.

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