Doug Ford has been attacking Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberals since he took over leadership in Ontario, especially when it comes to carbon pricing. In fact, he called out Trudeau so many times that some people started to wonder if Doug Ford was eyeing a future run for Prime Minister. 

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It wouldn't be completely crazy to think Ford would want to take another big step in his political career. Prior to taking the step up to the provincial level and getting elected as Ontario Premier, Doug Ford had served as a City Councillor in Toronto before unsuccessfully running for mayor in 2014. 

Despite all that and his regular criticisms of the Canadian Government, Ford confirmed today that he has no desire to run for Prime Minister. 

When asked about the potential for federal politics in the future, Doug Ford told reporters today "I'm zoned in on this province, nothing else, not federally, nothing but fixing the financial mess that we inherited."

After making this statement public, Canadians can't help but share their reactions on Twitter. Many are, in fact, overjoyed that Doug Ford will be staying far away from federal politics in Canada. 

While some others have also pointed out that Doug Ford wouldn't stand a chance if he ran federally. They especially point out that his decision to cut French services in Ontario would lose him the entire French vote in Canada. 

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There are a handful of Canadians however who believe Ford is just saying this now, but they believe he would most certainly run federally if given the opportunity. This thinking especially comes after the trajectory his previous political step took from municipal to provincial. 

The latest criticism of Justin Trudeau came from Doug Ford and a few of cabinet ministers today who called on the Prime Minister to cancel the Carbon Tax plan that would affect provinces like Ontario. 

Source: CP24

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