Update as of January 20th, 2019: An earlier version of this article stated that Doug Ford was seen recently at Trump Tower but it has been later confirmed that the photo was taken on September 19th, 2018

It's no secret that Doug Ford didn't arrive into office to open arms considering the day he was announced as Ontario's Premier the province practically had a meltdown. Since then, Ford has made a slew of controversial decisions and there hasn't been an uproar similar to the day of his campaign win until this past week. The major uproar has to do with Ford's recent choices when it comes to how Ontario students will be able to pay their tuition. 

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The heavy criticism that Ford has been under since Thursday has come as a result of his decision to reduce tuition by 10% at the cost of some major changes to OSAP that directly impact low-income students. The severe changes that many are calling an attack on students and their right to higher education has resulted in a firestorm on social media and even a student protest being scheduled for next week

Clearly, it's safe to say Doug Ford is not Ontario's favourite person right now, to say the least, though it didn't seem like it could get much worse for Ford. That is until Twitter caught wind that Ford had been spotted at none other than Trump Tower. 

While the photo was from a few months back, it's recent posting combined with Ford's current controversies resulted in Ontarians jumping on the photo and airing out their frustrations: 

It's quite clear that Ontarians are not impressed with Ford's visit to the Trump Tower. Though while it may ruffle a few feathers, it's definitely the least of his concerns as of right now, especially considering the student rally that will be occurring next week.


@fordnationdougfordembedded via  

Depending on the crowds, it could be one of the biggest uproars Ford will have to face yet, and he's still only in his first year of being Premier. Clearly, if Ford's time as Premier keeps going at this rate, Ontarians are in for a long and combative few years until re-election rolls around. 

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