Gun crime in Toronto has been top of mind for many this year, especially following the horrific mass shooting on the Danforth.

After that, the Police Chief, the Mayor, Premier Doug Ford and Bill Blair of the federal government all sat down to discuss their plan to combat gun crime in Toronto.

And it seems that Doug Ford is making the first move. 

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Ford will be announcing tomorrow that his government is giving $25 million to Toronto’s police over the next 4 years to help combat gun violence in the city.

Ford will also be challenging the government of Justin Trudeau to match the money with a contribution from the federal government.

Toronto has had over 240 shootings this year alone which is a large increase from this time last year.

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Of those shootings, there have been a total of 30 deaths, according to Toronto Police, which is a 30 per cent increase from the same time last year.

One Toronto police officer named Mark Hayward blamed the increase in gun crime on mayor John Tory in an email stating, “it is obvious Chief Saunders is a puppet on strings and you are pulling them.” 

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“You have zero qualifications to run a police service and should be hands-off, to allow the police to do what they do best,” he wrote.

The overall hope here is that the money increases police services enough to bring the shooting rate down. 


Source: Global News

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