If one thing's for certain, ever since Drake announced he was building a house in Toronto, we've all been wondering when he'll be making his move to the 6ix.

But it just so happens that Toronto's very own 6ix God might already be living in the downtown core.

In a series of Instagram stories he shared last night, Drake showed off some pretty impressive downtown digs. 

“When you're out here on the road, sometimes you forget the importance of having a home. I just came home to my new temporary spot until my house is built,” says Drake in the video, referencing his Bridle Path mansion that's currently under-construction. “But it’s still my home for now and I’m very inspired, very excited, you know."

In an additional video, he adds, "And for the grande finale," panning to the CN tower. "How fitting." Talk about views. 

This spot just so happens to be steps from his new restaurant 6 Pick, located at 33 Yonge Street that's set to open in the near future.

YouTube user Josh Spence confirmed the location commenting, "Ritz Carlton PH at 181 Wellington St. W. ~$20,000/month and guy can't even be bothered to hold it sideways."

So there you have it Toronto looks like Drake is living at the Ritz. 

Source: YouTube

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