It's no secret that Drake has become one of the biggest artists to come out of Toronto, some may argue even the best to come out of Canada! The ex-actor turned rapper has been killing it with every release and has been dominating the Billboard charts. While you would think he may want to take an extended break from releasing hit after hit, it seems he still wants to keep the success rolling. 

Drake crashed the stage at Rebel last night in Toronto during a Majid Jordan show and in true Drake fashion, let the local crowd in on some big news. Not only has he almost finished his upcoming album, but he's releasing a new single... TONIGHT. 

@kristakastlesembedded via  

The Toronto rapper explained he's back in the city trying to finish the album up which sounds like he's planning on a Summer release if we're lucky- but then again Drake has always been the type to throw us new music when we least expect it. In regards to that new single, of course people got video of him performing it live last night: 

If you are seriously bummed you missed out on yet another one of Drake's surprise appearances, don't worry we're sure he'll be doing more in the future.

Thankfully when it comes to that new single, the crowd got to hear it only a day earlier than the public, we've only got to wait until tonight for brand new Drake music! 

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