Nobody loves the Toronto Raptors more than Drake - he's practically part of the team at this point. But, fans are starting to think that the 6ix God is taking his love for the team a bit too far. 

Last night, NBA reporter Josh Lewenberg shared a photo of the Raptors' locker room, specifically the locker that used to be occupied by one of the team's best former players, DeMar DeRozan. The name above the locker now reads "The Boy" - Lewenberg reveals that "The Boy" is actually Drake.

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"Personally, I liked the gesture of leaving DeRozan's locker empty, at least as long as they have an open roster spot, and as I've never actually seen Drake in the Raptors locker room this mostly seems unnecessary," Lewenberg wrote.

Many fans seem to agree.  Some have even called it a "disgusting" and "embarrassing" move on Drake's part.  For someone who loves the Raptors so much, one could argue that feeling entitled to the former player's locker just one season after he was traded to the San Antonio Spurs is a form of disrespect. 

"DeRozan built this team & his brand of loyalty was something we'll likely never see again. IMO no one gets #10 or his locker." one fan wrote. But, many fans also agree that such a small detail is hardly worth getting upset over. 

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Clearly, the Raptors don't need DeRozan to go on an epic winning streak and become the best team in the Eastern Conference. But, his contributions to the team were legendary and will never be forgotten by Toronto fans. 




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