Following the new impaired driving laws in Ontario, York Regional Police and other police departments in Ontario have been publicly posting the names and offences of impaired drivers throughout the province as an additional way to stop people from driving under the influence. Since then, multiple incidents have been  reported by police involving Ontario drivers falling asleep at the wheel and sadly, impaired driving is to blame. A new case that was just released by York Regional Police shows a car driving into a farmers field before passing out at the wheel. 

Yesterday, York Regional Police were called to the City of Markham shortly after midnight when a vehicle ran off the road and made it 20 meters into a field. By the time officers arrived, the car was still in the field, the engine running while the driver was asleep behind the wheel. 

Officers were eventually able to wake the driver who was then arrested and then taken to their station where he blew more than three times the legal limit of alcohol. This driver has now been charged with Impaired Operations and 80 plus. 

York Regional Police posted a video of the incident on their Twitter account, showing the officers arriving at the scene. This was one out of the 21 impaired driving cases that York Regional Police responded to last week. 

Sadly, this isn't the only time this has happened this year. Three weeks ago, Narcity covered the story of an Ontario driver who fell asleep at the wheel in a Tim Hortons drive-thru. 

York Regional Police arrived at the scene and attempted to wake up the driver who was idling in line at the drive-thru. However, the driver remained unconscious and police had to break the window of the car in order to gain access to the vehicle and turn off the engine. 

This driver ended up blowing more than four times over the legal limit and was immediately arrested and charged with impaired driving. 

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Another impaired incident occurred just last week when York Regional Police charged a man who fell asleep behind the wheel of his pickup truck in Gwillimbury, Ontario. 

Police had received calls of the incident when the truck ceased to move after waiting to make a left turn. Dash cam footage was released of the incident and police arrested the suspect for impaired driving. 

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These recent cases highlight the number of impaired drivers who have been falling asleep behind the wheel in Ontario this past month. As more cases continue to appear, York Regional Police are warning the community that impaired drivers are a risk to the communities safety.  

Whenever you have a drink, ensure that you have a safe ride home, whether it's an Uber, taxi or public transit, and never get behind the wheel of a car. 

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