If you were thinking about lounging in the heat and firing up the barbeque tonight, you may want to rethink your plans. 

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It looks like it will be a stormy night in Southern Ontario tonight, as Environment Canada has just issued a severe thunderstorm watch for the majority of the province. Though there is record-breaking heat in Toronto today, the southern part of the province is in for lots of rainfall this evening. 

Via Environment Canada

The areas in yellow are the ones affected by the thunderstorm watch, whereas the red areas are being affected by a severe thunderstorm or heat advisory. Only two regions not affected by the storm or heat are in the Belleville - Quinte - Northumberland area and Kingston - Prince Edward

So what does this mean for Ontarians? Environment Canada said that conditions are perfect for a storm because a cold front is moving into the hot and humid air mass that's currently making everyone sweat. 

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The statement also reminded residents of the province to take shelter when the storm begins due to high winds, possible hail, tornados, and torrential rainfall. 

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These conditions are perfect for flash floods and can be dangerous to those on the road. That means if your area of the province is affected you should find a way to stay inside tonight. 

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The province capital was already affected by flash floods earlier this summer, meaning that the watch shouldn't be taken lightly. Toronto experienced damages across the city, the flooding caused major issues with the city's transit and beaches

The Fire Marshall's Office and Emergency Management team also wanted to remind Ontarians that if the weather starts to turn dangerous, please take cover. It definitely seems like a good evening to catch up on some Netflix, so stay dry and safe tonight! 

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