When Faith Goldy lost the 2018 Toronto mayoral election, many Torontonians believed it would be the last that would be heard of the controversial figure for a while. Instead, after losing her lawsuit with Bell Media and being ordered to pay a fine, Faith Goldy is as rowdy as ever. 

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In an effort to raise money to pay off that steep $43,000 tab she was issued by the court, Goldy opted to create some merchandise. Shortly after the line was announced on her social media though, many jumped online to criticize the apparel for plagiarism. The speculation was well-founded though considering the only element of "design" on Goldy's part was googling the coat of arms and stamping it on a sweater:

Via Gear Bubble

Clearly, Goldy's new path towards redemption at the start of 2019 has been hit with a serious bump considering that the "adoption of the coat of arms in connection with a business" is illegal. The only thing more embarrassing than Goldy's clear lack of thought that typically would have involved making sure the symbol she was using isn't going to fall under plagiarism would be the sales so far.  

@faithgoldyembedded via  

As of today, her mugs have sold only five units, whereas her sweaters and t-shirts sit at 14 units sold and 7 units sold. So in summary, there were probably more people in front of you in the Starbucks line this morning than customers who bought her merch. Those numbers are shocking on any scale, but considering Goldy's following on social media, where she has over 100,000 Twitter followers and 88,000 Youtube subscribers, it becomes especially embarrassing. 

@faithgoldyembedded via  

While Goldy's merchandise is still up on Gear Bubbleit's unlikely her merchandise sales will see any spike considering opening day should have been a lot bigger of a turn out in relation to her online following. While the hilariously low sales are probably well below Goldy's expectation, considering the legal repercussions that could be hitting her if she doesn't take the merchandise down, sales are going to be the least of her concerns. 


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