Canada's Wonderland is a summer staple for many people, but the Ontario amusement park just put out a huge warning to those looking to visit the park. 

According to the company, there are fraudulent tickets being offered online, especially on sites like Facebook and they are warning people not be tricked by the scam.  

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A Wonderland spokesperson has said that there is currently a post on Facebook that offers five free passes to Wonderland, but those passes are completely fake. 

The post includes a link to a website called with an image of what appears to be a coupon for free tickets to Wonderland. 

The link sends people to an online survey and then once that's completed they are told to share the survey on Facebook in order to get the tickets, however, neither the tickets or the web survey are associated with Canada's Wonderland. 

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Canada's Wonderland is aware of the scam and is now warning people about it being fake. They say if you are looking to go to the park this summer, make sure to get your tickets from a reputable vendor. 

Official Wonderland tickets can be bought from a few different places including the actual Wonderland website, Perkopolis, Vennmo, and Costco. 

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According to the amusement park, York Regional Police have been made aware of the scam too and are investigating it. 

This isn't the first ticket scam of it's kind either. The same kind of link offering fake free tickets was circulating on What's App just last month. 

Source: Ottawa Citizen 

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