Just as TTC fares are rising, Metrolinx is bringing some good news to Ontarians this Monday. Presto fares for short-distance GO transit trips will finally be cheaper this month. As of April 20th, short-distance trips around Ontario's Golden Horseshoe area will drop by over a dollar and commuters can pay as little as $3.70 for a trip! 

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According to Metrolinx, the fare for a GO train trip that is around 10 km or less will be reduced from $4.71 to $3.70 as of April 20th. This price decrease will be applicable across the region from any GO train station or bus station as long as the destination is within 10 km from your original pick up spot. 

However, it's not only Presto users who will be able to take advantage of this price decrease. Anyone who is paying for a single-fare trip with cash or card will also see their fares drop from $5.30 to $4.40. 

Metrolinx President Phil Vester states that these changes are being made in attempts to make transit more affordable to all. "These significant reductions in short-distance fares, by at least 21 percent and by as much as 40 percent is a huge step towards making public transit even more affordable," Vester says.

With 359 train trips per week, Metrolinx states that it is attempting to make transit more accessible and affordable throughout the coming years. 

However, Metrolinx is only decreasing the prices for short-distance trips. If you are planning on taking longer-distance GO trips, the news isn't as positive. 

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Metrolinx has also announced that as of April 20th, the prices for longer-distance trips will also increase. Any trip that is longer than 10 km will increase by around 4 percent per trip if you are a Presto user. 

Those who do not use Presto when boarding a GO train or bus can expect to see a 10 percent increase in their long-distance travel. 

The Metrolinx Board of Directors will officially vote on these fares changes on April 10th. 

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To view a list of the new short-distance pricing changes, you can visit Metrolinx's website here. 

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