Just when we thought the sunshine was here for good, mother nature strikes back. Southern Ontario has been issued a Freezing Rain warning  for today March 24th 2016, with possible ice accumulations between 5 and 10 mm. Several areas in the GTA have been affected with power outages.

The freezing rain is expected to last until mid afternoon and then it will continue to rain. Please be cautious when driving or walking because all surfaces will be extra slippery, icy and dangerous. Temperatures are set to rise to 5 degrees towards the evening.

If you're plan on travelling for the long weekend, check flight  delays and cancellations for Pearson here  and Billy Bishop here. 

Keep your fingers crossed this Freezing Rain Warning doesn't lead to another Winter 2013 in Toronto....Hopefully this is the last of coldness for Toronto, but let's be honest there is probably another storm coming our way.

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