Just recently, the Ontario government made the decision to issue gender-neutral health cards to citizens who would prefer not to declare themselves as either male or female on their ID. This is causing some people problems with their passport applications.

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The federal government has stated that they were not consulted on the new health card changes. Service Ontario will be consulting with the federal government to fix the issue.

To apply for a passport, individuals are required to provide their birth certificate, passport photos and a government-issued ID that clearly states the gender of the applicant. The new gender-neutral Ontario health cards do not indicate gender at all, so individuals who are looking to apply for a passport using only a gender-neutral health card as their form of government-issued ID will likely be rejected.

Ontario also announced in June that people will also have the option to obtain a gender-neutral drivers license. If a passport applicant's Ontario health card and drivers licence are both gender-neutral, it may become even more difficult to get a passport.

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